New downtown miami!!! coming soon?


At a time when banks and builders are struggling for survival, two developers are seeking government approval for Miami Worldcenter — a nine-block, 25-acre mixed used project that would be Miami’s biggest urban development in years. (source



I think this should have been done years ago. If protecting nature from concrete monsters is the issue: that’s long gone. Take the beach, for example. That’s the area of the city that should have remained the most virgin, and it’s natural features enhanced and not hidden, forbidden, privitized, etcetera. Once that wasn’t done, the least that this city should have is a center area worthy of that coastal skyline. On the contrary, what Downtown Miami has become (or stayed as) is a dirty, unsecure, disfunctional, wasted, indecipherable giant block of land, to which thousands of unnoticed tourist arrive daily for common first city visit sense… and leave for common sense, too.
I’d say start digging those holes 24/7, don’t worry about the noise, we’re more than use to it.