The Office.

 Psico-reality meets harsh humor in a working environment that subsists miraclously despite its members violations of every ethical code. 
A refreshing and ordinary love story contributes a bright color to the brownish-grey corporate atmosphere; a parade of well defined, childish, looser-like, self-centered characters (with the exception of Pam, of course) will make you shed a tear of joy in the presence of an unbelievable, unstoppable demonstration of Michael’s misleading ideas, and a crew that will not spare a patronizing attitude if they don’t absolutely have to.


Jim Halpert: See, you’re always saying there’s something   wrong with society, maybe there’s something wrong with you?

             Michael Scott: If it’s me, then society made me that way.



(5 out of 5 “bravo awards®”) BRAVO!!!!!®


Doesn’t it look like the street’s sick of the water and’s trying to shake it off? Sure did a mess all around!

I wanna see the guarantee on that!


  Picture of Ike over Cuba taken by NASA