The L Word

I happened to watch a particular episode of one of my favourite shows where they mentioned “The L Word”, so I decided I’d give it a shot cause it must be worth it, coming from the scripts I’m so fond of.

So I watched. My semi-journalist mind usually doesn’t let me let go of some things that catch my attention, although my consumer mind can’t help but judge incisively. After an “on-and-off” L Word’s marathon in front of my monitor I came to one simple colloquial conclusion: It should’ve probably been called ‘The F Word’ as in ‘What the Fuck?’

I have to say that these writers are defaming the lesbian community outreagously. They are portraying them as instinct driven cave-women who can’t help getting into each other’s pants no matter how much they tied their hands or avoid contact (literally).

This, on one sad hand. On the other, even sadder hand, the acting is appalling. Seriously. It’s just unbearable to watch. My opinion as a viewer of every genre out there, is that I do not believe these people, it’s all… a mess! An orgie of dialogues and images and situations that pretend to reflect mundane dramas and then… I don’t know! travels to the inner works of their minds… it just doesn’t make any sense to me.

I have to confess that I kept watching cause I realized there were six seasons (and counting) of this show out there, which is a great and hard to achieve number, so I thought ‘this gotta be something’. Well, it is something alright! it’s the mirror of a society that buys sex, and a minority in need of an ambassador of its lifestyle who should, in my opinion, take a dose of self respect and demand an intervention of smarter producers willing to come up with a product that’s both faithfull and not degrading.

PS.: I have to mention some actresses that do have something good going on, like that Shane character, for example… though I am a bit confused: she could be very well just playing herself which, in that case never mind my comment. It’d be interesting to watch her in a completely different role. But I do think she’s the only colourful one, and I do believe her when she performs.

PS 2: Come on Jackie Brown, don’t do it !!! There’s gotta be some other way…!

PS 3: After watching the pilot, I realized that the reason this show was mentioned in my favourite show, was precisely purely for sexual related reasons. They were being sarcastic, as a matter of fact…


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