bravo awards® to the greatest of the smallest®

This distinction is given to those TV shows that portray intelligence, reality, absurdness, sarcasm, and the newest and most progressive form of art: self-criticism.

Greatest Shows of the Smallest Screen® humbly rewards those writers and producers that see what I think should be seen, and thought no one else saw it.

Thank you.

And to honor this feeling of camaradery I’ll quote a very admirable acquaintance of mine who knew how to put in words, in another time, in another language, all that this award embraces.

Gracias por hacerme tener la tranquilidad de que alguien entiende y acerca a lo que pienso en este mundo. Gracias por hacerme alejar de la seguridad de que algo en mi cabeza estaba definitivamente acercandome a la locura… y a la soledad ideologica.

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